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For clear and reliable Mobile Phone reception in the home and office!

Other advantages of using Mobile phone Boosters...

Extends Mobile Phone Battery Life

Mobile phones use a lot more energy when in poor signal areas! The phone adjusts its internal power to compensate in an attempt to boost the poor signal. As a result the phone will consume a lot more battery power.
Using the Cel-Fi system, your indoor mobile signal should be high and the battery will last noticeably longer for you to talk, check Social Media, and browse the Internet.

Increases Mobile Data Speeds 

Slow internet speeds on your mobile device are often caused by low signal. If you suffer from low signal in your home you will be able to relate to the frustration of trying to access email or the internet.
Cel-Fi will amplify the mobile signal and increase your data speeds dramatically. Email, internet, video and social networking speeds will be like you never left the office.

Improves Voice Quality

The quality of a voice call is usually determined by the phones signal strength and nearby interference.
With full signal strength inside your home and no interference, the Cel-Fi will provide crystal clear voice quality for your mobiles.

Decreased Radiation to Mobile Users

Mobile radiation is at its greatest when your phone is using maximum power and when its close to your body.
By increasing the indoor signal strength using a Cel-Fi, your phone will not have to work as hard, lower its power and therefore decreasing radiation for the user.

How Do Mobile Phone Boosters Work?

The Mobile phone booster (Cel-Fi) was designed to amplify and distribute a mobile signal within a building without causing any interference to the mobile network. The Cel-Fi system is locked to the mobile phone provider ie. Telstra, Optus, Vodafone and will amplify a signal for that provider.

The System compromises of two boxes, a Window Unit and a Coverage Unit:

Window Unit
Communicates with the mobile phone tower and amplifies the signal and passes it to the Coverage Unit via a wireless link.

Coverage Unit
Is responsible for sending the mobile signal within the building to multiple mobile devices

*In poor reception areas, the use of a specialised antenna installed on the rooftop of the house or building can convert 1 bar or no reception into 5 bars of beautiful, clear reception within the house or building.

Signal Fox can put an end to your racing outside to that one spot of phone signal for those important phone calls!

How to improve mobile phone reception in a car

If you travel to rural areas where phone signals are mostly poor, there are options you can choose from to maximize a mobile phone’s coverage and performance. If you frequently use your mobile phone in your car, we recommend using the latest of technology with the Celfi GO system. If you’ve ever tried to talk to someone while your car was travelling through poor wireless coverage areas, you know the frustration of poor call quality, call drop outs and having to pull over to finish your conversation.

Resolving these problems has been front and centre for USA based Nextivity with the company recently designing a solution ideal for the Australian market, specifically addressing poor mobile coverage needs of moving and nomadic applications.

The CelFi Go system automatically adapts to the moving environment, jumping from tower to tower by not ‘releasing’ the signal until the incoming tower signal is of sufficient strength. Coupled with antennas and the Cel-Fi WAVE smartphone app, Cel-Fi GO is the ideal solution to resolve the toughest coverage challenges. CelFi GO



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Catherine from Mooloolaba...

I have to say a well solved long term frustrating problem!

Anyone have teenagers that can't get a good signal in the middle of uni assignments or other teenage stuff like netflix etc. It can be hell for a parent. But not anymore, not here anyhow!

Allan Webb from Tinbeerwah...

We live in a mobile phone black spot. Signal Fox has turned that into 5 bars of signal in our home! They were a pleasure to deal with; highly qualified, efficient and they explained eveything at our level. Very professional

Haley Case from Sippy Downs...

James was amazing; here on time, professional, and went above and beyond what he needed to. Thank you so much. Highly recommend :-)

Ocean Vista on Alex Resort...

Our resort guests now receive high speed Internet access, thanks to Signal Fox. They were professional, and really know their stuff. Absolutely worth the investment.

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