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A hassle free wireless network is an important part of our daily lives whether it is at home or work.

Why use wireless networking in your Home?

A wireless network allows for easy connectivity between computers, laptops, phones, tablets and Smart TV’s. No wires mean greater mobility and less cost.

  • Cost is significantly low in the long run for a wireless network, because cords do not have to be bought or installed or replaced.
  • Multiple computers and devices can be used all at the same time; this is perfect for 'Netflix' and 'Stan' on your Smart TV.
  • Places that ordinarily would be too difficult to run cords or would be unsightly can have wireless access.  
  • Files can be shared over the wireless network such as streaming video/music content.
  • Printing tasks can be sent to one printer from different computers and other devices through the wireless network, but also other devices set to the wireless network can be shared such as a Network Storage Device (NAS).

Is your wireless network slowing you down?

Like all advanced technologies, WiFi can feel like magic. But WiFi isn’t magic – it’s radio waves!

Is the signal strong enough where you need to use your wireless network?

A variety of household appliances can interfere with these radio waves, making your wireless connection weaker and more unreliable; things like cordless phones, baby monitors, and microwave ovens. Depending on the positioning of your wireless router, your networked device, and the appliance, you may have the wireless network cut out when the microwave is in use, for example.

We at Signal Fox can locate the problem devices or install high powered wireless routers to turn your troubled and unusable wireless network into a fast and user friendly system. 


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Alan from Mountain Creek...

Our internet speed has improved dramatically since your visit. You have a great friendly attitude, very professional and a pleasure to work with, would highly recommend you.

Kathy Foss from Nambour...

Wow, so impressed. Thank you (James) so much. Went from SOS to 5 bars, full signal. Awesome job. Anyone suffering with poor (or like me, zero) mobile service at home; Give these guys a call. So happy

David Granville from Mooloolah Valley...

Thanks for your help guys. I have been living with dodgy mobile phone service and poor wifi internet since moving to Mooloolah Valley a few years ago. Thanks to you I now have great service even inside the house and can also stream online TV. Wish I found you earlier.

Spinnaker Quays Resort & Mirra Chana Resort...

James from Signal Fox set up our two resort’s WiFi systems to provide our guest’s with free WiFi, about two years ago. He’s our supporting technician for this & is brilliant! He’s always pleasant, very quick & solves problems fast. Highly recommended!

Michael Murray. Buderim QLD...

Very knowledgeable and did an excellent job. Will be referring friends and family for future Tv and reception issues.

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